Soil Testing Equipments

• Soil Testing Equipments

• Direct Shear Apparatus

The shear strength of soil is the maximum resistance that it can offer to any stress on it. Every building or structure which is founded in or the earth imposes loads on the soil that support the foundation.The stresses set up in the soil causes deformations of the soil. One stress failure is caused by slipping of soil particles one on another, which may lead to the sliding of one body of soil relative to the surrounding mass.The process is known as shear failure and occurs when shear stresses set up in the soil mass exceeds the maximum shear resistance, which the soil can offer i.e. its shear strength.

• California Bearing Ratio Apparatus
California Bearing Ratio Apparatu

We offer a wide range of California bearing ratio apparatus, which are incorporated with load frame, hand operated available in capacity of 5000kg with high and low rates of travel of the lead screw.

Some of the specifications of our products are:
• Mould made from gun metal / brass, 150mm internal diameter x 175mm high with perforated base plate and extension coller 50mm high
• Perforated plate made of gue matal/brass 148mm dia with adjustable stem and lock nut and a metal tripod for dial gauge
• Cutting collar
• Rammer 2.6kg weight with drop of 310mm
• Rammer 4.89kg with drop of 450mm

• Soil Cone Penetrometer
Soil Cone Penetrometer
Cone Penetration Test of Soil is based on the relationship between moisture content and the penetration of the cone into the soil sample. The moisture content at a given depth of penetration of the cone is taken as the liquid limit. The Automatic Penetrometer (Digital Timer) is supplied complete with a stainless steel penetration test cone 35mm long with a smooth polished surface and an angle of 30° and a Penetration test cup 55mm dia x 40mm deep. Facility exists for adjusting cone height in relation to the specimen
The apparatus is suitable for operation on 220V, Single Phase, 50Hz, AC Supply.
• Sand Pouring Cylinder
Sand Pouring Cylinder
The apparatus is used for determination of the dry density of compact, fine, medium grained soils and for layers not exceeding 50cm thickness. A circular hole is dug into the ground, all the soil from within it collected, weighed and dried, and the hole back filled with a standard uniform sand or fine gravel, poured from a calibrated container for calculating the volume of hole. The complete apparatus consists of a Sand Pouring Cylinder fitted with Conical funnel and Shutter, Cylindrical Calibration Container, and a Metal tray with a central hole.
• Proctor Compaction Test Apparatus
Proctor Compaction Test Apparatus

Soil compaction is a fundamental requirement for the construction of earth fill for dams, reservoirs, canal embankments, highways, railways and runways. The relationship between soil moisture content and compacted dry density is very useful for deciding construction specifications and quality control of compacted earthfill. The construction quality control is essentially to check the density of compacted soil achieved in the field, thereby checking its strength.

• Rapid Moisture Meter
IS 2720 (PART II) on 0-25%
For quick determination of moisture content of materials in powder form viz. Soil, Sand , Coal pottery slip, cement etc. Calcium carbide when comes in contact with moisture acetylene gas is generated. This principle is used in Rapid moisture meter. A weighed quantity of samples is mixed with fixed quantity of calcium carbide reagent and the whole mixture is thoroughly shaken in a vessel to which a pressure gauge is fixed. The acetylene gas produced develops pressure
Rapid Moisture Meter
. The instrument indicate moisture on Wet / weight basis . easily convertible to dry weight basis. The unit consists of a pressure vessel with clamp for sealing cap, rubber sealing gasket, pressure gauge calibrated in percentage moisture content 0 -25% on wet weight basis . A counter poised balance for weighing sample, a scoop for measuring carbide reagent , one bottle of reagent approx. 450 gram, One cleaning brush and a steel balls for through mixing. Complete in wooden carrying box with handle.
• Water & Soil Analysis
Water & Soil Analysis Kit
We specialize in designing and fabricating superior quality water and soil analysis kit. It is made available to our clients with 3 ½ digit LCD Display. Our efficient kits are mains cum battery operated. It gives accurate result for soil and water analysis.

Some of the salient features of our range :

Measures pH, mV, Conductivity
TDS, DO, Temperature & Turbidity
Housed in VIP Briefcase
Liquid Limit Device
Liquid Limit Device
Liquid Limit Device Hand Operated fitted with blow counter complete with casangrande grooving tools and a Gauge Block. The liquid limit is defined as the moisture content at which the soil passes from plastic state to liquid state; it is very helpful in the classification of the potential properties of the soil material. The liquid limit device consists of a hard rubber base carrying a sliding carriage assembly to which a brass cup is hinged. The cup is raised and allowed to fall through a height of 1cm on to the hard rubber base, by the help of a lead screw provided at the back of the sliding carriage.
Speedy Moisture Meter
Speedy Moisture Meter
Moisture content of soil is generally measured as a ratio of the weight of water to the weight of solids, expressed in percentage. As soil behavior depends on its moisture content, it is one of the basic parameters defining the soil condition. The ‘Moisture’ a content of soil, can be obtained quickly with reasonable accuracy by using a Speedy Moisture Meter.

Unconfined Compression Test Apparatus
Unconfined Compression Test Apparatus
The unconfined compression test of soil is a uniaxial compression test in which the test specimen is provided with no lateral support while undergoing vertical compression. The test measures the unconfined compression strength of a cylinder of cohesive or semi cohesive soil and indirectly shearing strength. The shearing strength of the soil is generally taken to be one half of the unconfined compression strength. The test is normally performed on a undisturbed sample with its natural moisture content. It may also be performed on remolded samples to evaluate the consequences of disturbances and remolding.
To make the process of sieving simpler and quicker, mechanical Siever Shakers are used. Sieve Shakers impart a standard sieving action to produce reliable and repeatable results, eliminating the personal errors involved in manual sieving. A range of Sieve Shakers are offered for use with standard test sieves.
This is a light weight, portable but sturdy Sieve Shaker suitable for bench mounting. It has a side to side movement imparted to it, through a train of gears, operated by a hand wheel. A heavy fly wheel ensures smooth operation. It can take upto seven sieves of 150 mm. or 200 mm. diameter.
Similar to but the gears are enclosed in a box, on which the sieve carriage is mounted.
Soil Testing Equipments