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Construction Laboratory Equipments
We at OM Enterprises are engaged in the Sales and Service of a vast range of Laboratory and Civil Engineering Equipments.
OM Enterprises is deeply committed to achieving complete customer satisfaction. We are known for the quality, low price and convenient delivery schedules of our products.
Since we deal in Engineering Equipments, we take the almost care to ensure that the products on form to standards of quality so that the end user is completely satisfied with the performance of our product, so as to achieve "complete customer satisfaction through business ethics".

Perfection and Precision are the two attributes that characterise our products.
We are having well equipped infrastructure at our service station to undertake repairing and calibration of the precise Total station, Auto Level, Compression Testing Machine, Hot Air Oven and Lab Instruments.
Over the years we have grown steadily with our own resources and with team of personnel in sales and services in Pune, Mumbai, Goa and Karnataka. We have earned a special reputation for providing world class services and full customer satisfaction.
Our Mission
"Om Enterprises will deliver reliable, high - quality testing instruments, always ensuring that integrity and sustainability are at the core of every effort.”
Our Products
Our Products ranges of Civil Engineering and Scientific Instruments are
• Surveying, Drawing and Mathematical Instruments
• Cement / Concrete / Aggregate and Bitument testing instruments
• Soil Testing Equipments
• Glassware and Glass Apparatus of "Borosil" / Agarwal, J - sil Glass
• Meteorological (Whether Instrument) and Hydrological Instruments.
Transcending ethnic barriers, our vast workforce of skilled professionals, look forward to one target, i.e., attaining common goals. In every process of product development & delivery, this team spirit has contributed to precise co-ordination and successful accomplishment. With diverse line of products for different industries, our teams have developed multi-disciplinary skills and in-depth experience in product innovation and manufacturing. This dynamic synergy of resource has been the primary catalyst in our emergence as a premier Manufacturer, Supplier of material testing & measuring devices.
We are a quality conscious company, operating with highest priority on quality of products & services. Therefore, we source some of the parts / components only from renowned manufacturers.

We develop measurement and testing equipment to meet the exact specifications of the customers. The excellent performance and accuracy of our products are assured through a well engaged quality mechanism that controls, checks and improves products. Our organization is driven by expertise and teams are focused on putting heart and soul in every endeavor. With a passion for quality and innovation, The products offered by us are backed by technical superiority, reliability and price competency, whereas our services are backed by a professional and ethical business approach.
Om Enterprises Products ... why?
There are numerous reasons that attract more & more clients towards our products, like :
Top Quality and Efficiency
High Precision
• Reliable & Durable
• Excellent after sales services
• Competitive prices
• Total customer satisfaction
• On - time delivery
• Extensive range of products
• Repeated business orders
• Capability to meet bulk orders
Construction Laboratory Equipments
Construction Laboratory Equipments
Construction Laboratory Equipments
Construction Laboratory Equipments