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Aggregate Testing Equipments
One of the major factors contributing to the quality of concrete is the quality of aggregates used therein. With the wide range of aggregates available, it is essential to select an aggregate that is suitable for a given application. A number of mechanical tests have been suggested to determine the various characteristics of aggregates, for many applications, in which they play a vital structural role. In a given situation, for the particular aggregate, it may not be necessary to assess all the mechanical properties. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to determine before hand, the purpose for which the concrete is being used and the properties of the aggregates which require to be assessed.
Aggregate Testing Equipments
Compression Testing Machine 2000 KN (electrically Operated) HTI OR HFI Make
Compression Testing Machine (Electrically Operated) - Four Pillar type

It is an electric cum hand operated for compression tests on concrete specimens up to 20cm dia and 30 cm in height. The machine meets the essential requirements of various Indian, British & American standards for compression tests.

Loading Unit : The hydraulic jack of 2000 kN capacity is fixed to base. The upper platen has got a self aligning action and is attached to a screw which passes through the cross head and can be raised for lowered for initial clearance adjustment. The lower platen rests on the jack ram and is positioned with the help of a centering pin. Loading is accomplished by the upward movement of the lower platen.

Compression Testing Machine 2000 KN (electrically Operated) HTI OR HFI Make
Pumping Unit : The motorized pumping unit which is housed in an elegant console is of double plunger type and is driven by 3 phase 440 volts 50 cycles electric motor. The pumping unit is separate unit connected to the jack by means of a steel connecting tube. A junction box is suitably fixed to connect the motor to the mains through a push button starter. The pumping unit is fitted with gauges. A maximum pointer is provided to facilitate taking of the reading after failure of the specimen. The pressure gauges are fixed on the pumping unit at an angle for easy readability. The machine is fitted with a hand wheel control which enables the rate of application of load to be varied. The machine is also equipped with facilities for hand pumping in case of power failure. The electric pumping unit is fixed with a micro-switch off the motor automatically as the load on the machine approaches the rated capacity. Relays are also incorporated in the pumping unit so that in the case of break-down of power supply, the motor will stop and would not-re-start unless starting switch is operated.
• Semi Automatic Digital Compression Testing Machines
The Digital Compression Testing Machine has been designed to meet the need for a simple, economic and reliable means to test concrete for its compressive strength. The Load is displayed simultaneously on the Digital Load Indicator which incorporates a 4-Digits display calibrated in Kilo Newton (KN), preset to maximum load capacity and also on Bourdon tube type Load Gauge with a maximum load pointer. The Indicators are fitted with micro switches to switch-off the motor when the load approaches the maximum capacity of the gauge, avoiding any over loading. Relays are incorporated so that the motor does not restart on its own after a power breakdown. The electrically operated pumping units are provided with a control knob to adjust the pace rate which can be effectively controlled by an experienced operator during the course of testing, by observing the progress of the Digital Indicator readings or the Load Gauge readings. The electrically operated pumping units are also fitted with hand operated pump.
• Flexural Strength Testing Machines
The Flexure Strength Testing Machines are designed to provide maximum rigidity throughout their working range. The load is applied by the upward movement of a hydraulic ram. The jack can be raised or lowered for testing different size beams.

The load is indicated on a calibrated Bourdon tube type Pressure Gauge of range: 0-100kN x 0.5kN (0-10,000 kgf x 50 Kgf). The load gauge is calibrated against NPL / NCCBM certified proving ring.

Flexural Strength Testing Machines
• Slump Cone Apparatus

It is used for the determination of the consistency of freshly mixed concrete, where the maximum size of the aggregate does not exceed 38mm.

Salient Features
Specifications : The Apparatus consists of one slump cone with handles and foot pieces. The slump cone has internal dimensions 20cm. dia at base 10cm. top dia. and 30cm height. Foot pieces can be fixed to the clamps on the base plate. The base plate has lifting handle for easy transportation. One graduated steel rod 16mm dia x 600mm long, rounded at one end and graduated in mms, is also supplied.

Slump Cone Apparatus
Flow tables are used for determining the flow of consistency of portland cement concrete. A mass of the material with an initial fixed diameter is allowed to fall from a fixed height. The resulting increase in diameter is compared with its original diameter and empirical data about fluidity is permutated.
Conforms to I S : 1199. This instrument is recommended for concrete, where the nominal size of coarse aggregates does not exceed 38 mm. It is comprised of a flow table top of 762 mm. diameter, machined from a brass casting and fitted on a heavy duty cast iron frame. A cam action provides a free fall of 12.5 mm. to the table. A brass conical mould of 120 mm. height with a base diameter of 250 mm. and a top diameter of 170 mm. is also provided, along with a tamping rod of 16 mm. diameter x 600 mm. long.
SPARES : Conical mould. Tamping rod.
The importance of thorough and efficient mixing of concrete cannot be over emphasized for strength determination. Relatively small quantities of freshly mixed concrete are required in the making of test cubes and prisms for compression and transverse strength studies. The mixers offered are for use in control and research laboratories. They are designed to occupy a minimum of space in a laboratory.
The mixer consists of a steel vessel of 55 / 110 litres capacity, mounted on a frame. The vessel is rotated at 20/22 RPM with the help of a motor and a reduction gear. The vessel can be tilted to any angle by a hand wheel and counter weight. This facilitates mixing and discharge. Blades are provided inside the vessel to mix the material thoroughly. The large hand wheel facilitates manual rotation of the drum during power failure. The drum, hand wheel and motor etc, are mounted on a steel frame. This model is provided with two large wheels for carting away. The mixer is fitted with a 0.5 H.P. motor. Wired for 230V., sph. 50 Hz.
Cement Testing Instruments
Cement Testing Instruments
Cement Testing Instruments